Recent Crashes

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380
Southwest Airlines Flight 1380Tuesday April 17, 2018
Twenty minutes after takeoff the left engine experienced an uncontained engine failure. Parts of the engine penetrated the fuselage, which ripped a hole in a passenger window. The passenger sitting in that seat did not survive. Initial reports indicate metal fatigue led to a fan blade coming detached from the engine, and due to high velocity of the debris, it was able to breach the engine cover.
Algerian Air Force
Algerian Air Force Wednesday April 11, 2018
The Algerian Air Force Il-76 crashed shortly after takeoff from Boufarik Airport. Witnesses report that the wing was on fire as the plane went down. There were no survivors. The investigation is ongoing.
US-Bangla Airlines Flight 211
US-Bangla Airlines Flight 211Monday March 12, 2018
Flight 211 was initially cleared to land at Kathmandu's Tribhuvan International Airport, but some confusion ensued with air traffic control. Witnesses report that the plan landed from the north rather than the expected route from the south. The investigation is ongoing.
Liberty Helicopters
Liberty Helicopters Sunday March 11, 2018
At 7:08pm local time, the Eurocopter AS350, in use for a doors-off tour, descended rapidly and hit the water in the East River in New York City. All five passengers onboard were killed. The pilot was the only survivor. The pilot claims a passenger's bag may have hit the emergency fuel shutoff button, which led to engine failure. The investigation into the accident is ongoing.
Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704
Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704Sunday February 18, 2018
The ATR 72-212 took off from Tehran's Meharabad Airport around 8:00am local time en route to Yasuj in southern Iran. The last signal from the aircraft was at 9:25am local time when witnesses report hearing the crash in the area around Mt. Dena. Initial concerns have been raised about the plane's airworthiness given that it is 25 years old, and spare parts are scarce given current sanctions against the country.