Crash Details

Airplane Crash StatisticsData
Odds of being killed on a single airline flight 1 in 29.4 million
Number of fatalities per million flight hours12.25
Survival rate of passengers on a fatal crash24 %
Fatalities by Phase of FlightPercent
Takeoff16 %
Initial Climb14 %
Climb (flaps up)13 %
Cruise16 %
Descent4 %
Initial Approach12 %
Final Approach13 %
Landing12 %
Causes of Fatal CrashesPercent of Crashes
Pilot Error53 %
Other Human Error6 %
Weather12 %
Mechanical Failure20 %
Sabotage8 %
Other Causes1 %
AirlineMillion FlightsFatal EventsLast Fatality
Air Canada4.3701983
American Airlines16.5152001
Delta Airlines16.0311996
Hawaiian Airlines1.250None
Southwest Airlines18.150None
United Airlines12.8732001