AIRES Colombia

AIRES Colombia Monday August 16, 2010
The airliner crashed onto the runway and broke in two during a major storm. One hundred twenty four people were injured. One passenger died of a heart attack and a 11- year-old girl died later of head injuries. Execution of the flight below the angle of approach, due to a misjudgment of the crew, believing to be much higher, leading the aircraft to fly a typical trajectory of a 'black hole' illusion, which was experienced during the night-time approach to a runway with low contrast surrounded in bright focused lights, aggravated by bad weather of heavy rain.

Crash Details

DateMonday August 16, 2010
LocationSan Andreas Island, Colombia
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-73V
OperatorAIRES Colombia
Flight OriginBogota
Flight Destination San Andreas Island
San Andreas Island, Colombia
AIRES Colombia
Boeing B-737-73V