Aeronaves de Mexico Flight 401

Aeronaves de Mexico Flight 401Thursday January 19, 1961
An aborted takeoff caused the aircraft to crash through the airport barrier fence and burst into flames. The unnecessary discontinuance of the takeoff as a result of actions by the check-pilot who was either not in the pilot's seat or reached forward without warning and pulling the throttles back. This action caused power to be decreased on all four engines. Contributing factors were the marginally poor weather, snow on the runway and the possibility of the pitot head heat not being on.

Crash Details

DateThursday January 19, 1961
LocationNew York, New York (Idlewild)
Aircraft TypeMcDonnell Douglas DC-8-21
OperatorAeronaves de Mexico
Flight OriginNew York
Flight Destination Mexico City
New York, New York (Idlewild)
Aeronaves de Mexico
McDonnell Douglas DC-8-21