AirAsia Flight 8501

AirAsia Flight 8501Sunday December 28, 2014
The aircraft went missing while en route from Suabaya to Singapore. Contact was lost about 40 minutes after taking off. Before contact was lost, the pilot requested a route change due to weather conditions. Preliminary indications are the plane ran into poor weather and stalled from FL320. The rudder travel limiter faulted 3 times during the flight. On the fourth fault the captain decided to try resetting the system by pulling circuit breakers as he had seen a maintenance technician do on the ground. This caused the autopilot to disengage causing the plane to bank 54 degrees. The the first officer, who was flying, became disoriented and was slow to correct the bank. He then put the plane into a steep climb that caused the aircraft to stall and eventually crash. Records show that the plane flew with that mechanical problem for 12 months preceding the accident.

Crash Details

DateSunday December 28, 2014
LocationJava Sea
Aircraft TypeAirbus A-320-216
Flight OriginSurabaya
Flight Destination Singapore
Java Sea
Airbus A-320-216