Ansett ANA Flight 149

Ansett ANA Flight 149Thursday September 22, 1966
About 150 miles from Longreach, fire was reported in No. 1 and 2 engines. While the plane was making an emergency descent, the left wing broke away due to weakening by the fire. After failure of the wing, the plane broke up in mid-air and crashed. Loosened bolts led to the loss of the oil lubricating unit causing the bearings to heat and catching the engines on fire. Subsequently, a locking mechanism was installed on the bolts to prevent any future accidents of this kind.

Crash Details

DateThursday September 22, 1966
LocationWinton, Australia
Aircraft TypeVickers Viscount 832
OperatorAnsett ANA
Flight OriginMount Isa
Flight Destination Longreach
Winton, Australia
Ansett ANA
Vickers Viscount 832