Arrow Airways Flight MF1285R

Arrow Airways Flight MF1285RThursday December 12, 1985
The aircraft stalled and crashed during takeoff. Two-hundred-forty-four members of the 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, Kentucky were killed in the accident. There is controversy surrounding this crash. The majority opinion of the board was that the cause of the sequence leading up to the stall and crash could not be determined, with icing a possibility. The minority opinion was that the crash was possibly caused by detonation of an explosive device of unknown origin in a cargo compartment which led to an in-flight fire and loss of control of the aircraft.

Crash Details

DateThursday December 12, 1985
LocationGander, Newfoundland, Canada
Aircraft TypeMcDonnell Douglas DC-8 Super 63PF
OperatorArrow Airways
Flight OriginGander
Flight Destination Fort Campbell, KY
Gander, Newfoundland, Canada
Arrow Airways
McDonnell Douglas DC-8 Super 63PF