Braniff Airlines Flight 352

Braniff Airlines Flight 352Friday May 3, 1968
On a flight from Houston to Dallas the airliner flew into thunderstorms. While attempting to turn around by making a right hand turn, winds lifted the port wing, forcing the starboard wing down past 90 degrees. A stall resulted from this unusual attitude, pitching the nose down. During the recovery maneuver, the starboard wing was over-stressed, separating from the aircraft followed by the the tail and engines. The aircraft crashed into a field. Pilot's decision to penetrate a line of thunderstorms and severe weather. Visual perception of the pilot may have been reduced by a near lightning strike.

Crash Details

DateFriday May 3, 1968
LocationNear Dawson, Texas
Aircraft TypeLockheed L188A Electra
OperatorBraniff Airlines
Flight OriginHouston
Flight Destination Dallas
Near Dawson, Texas
Braniff Airlines
Lockheed L188A Electra