British Airtours Flight 28M

British Airtours Flight 28MThursday August 22, 1985
During takeoff from Manchester, failure of the No. 9 combustor on the port engine resulted in its ejection from the engine and fracturing of the fuel tank access panel and resulting fire. The fire spread into the cabin incapacitating and killing passengers due to toxic smoke. Thermal metal fatigue of the combustor. Slow braking, using reverse thrust and turning the aircraft so it stopped with fire upwind of the fuselage, all helped to feed the flames. The front starboard side door was farthest from flames but jammed when there was a partial premature chute deployment, and the crew spent time trying to unjam it, while toxic smoke accumulated in the cabin, before starting evacuations through port side door. The aircraft was named "River Orrin."

Crash Details

DateThursday August 22, 1985
LocationManchester, England
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-236
OperatorBritish Airtours
Flight OriginManchester
Flight Destination Kerkira
Manchester, England
British Airtours
Boeing B-737-236