British Midland Airways Flight 92

British Midland Airways Flight 92Sunday January 8, 1989
While en route and climbing through FL 280, a vibration was felt and the smell of smoke was detected. A fan blade on the No. 1 engine detached and caused a compressor stall and vibration of the aircraft. The crew throttled back the No. 2 engine and the vibration stopped. Soon after it was decided to shut down the No. 2 engine. While attempting to land, power was lost in the No. 1 engine, the aircraft stalled and crashed into trees 3,000 ft. short of the runway. The crew mistakenly shut down the wrong engine, lost power in the disabled engine and was unable to maintain flight in the final approach.

Crash Details

DateSunday January 8, 1989
LocationLeicestershire, England
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-4Y0
OperatorBritish Midland Airways
Flight OriginLondon
Flight Destination Belfast
Leicestershire, England
British Midland Airways
Boeing B-737-4Y0