British Midland Airways

British Midland Airways Sunday June 4, 1967
The aircraft crashed a during a landing attempt. Loss of power in both starboard engines resulting in control difficulties. Fuel starvation due to inadvertent fuel transfer. Inadvertent fuel transfer in flight on a scale sufficient to involve the risk, after a long flight, of emptying the tank expected to contain sufficient fuel can occur if the fuel selector levers in the cockpit of this type of aircraft are incorrectly positioned by even a small amount. This is easy to do and difficult for the pilot to recognize.

Crash Details

DateSunday June 4, 1967
LocationStockport, Cheshire, England
Aircraft TypeCanadair C-4 Argonaut
OperatorBritish Midland Airways
Flight OriginPalma de Mallorca
Flight Destination Manchester
Stockport, Cheshire, England
British Midland Airways
Canadair C-4 Argonaut