Britt Airways

Britt Airways Monday January 30, 1984
After taking off from rwy 23, the aircraft crashed ssw of the airport about 6300 ft from the departure end of the runway wy & about 1800 ft to the left of the runway centerline. Impact occurred while the aircraft was in a steep descent. The wreckage path was scattered along a heading of 035 deg from the initial impact point. The aircraft was demolished by impact & fire & no preimpact part failure or malfunction was found that would have caused the accident. Cause undetermined.

Crash Details

DateMonday January 30, 1984
LocationTerre Haute, Indiana
Aircraft TypeSwearingen SA.226TC Metro II
OperatorBritt Airways
Flight Origin
Flight Destination
Terre Haute, Indiana
Britt Airways
Swearingen SA.226TC Metro II