Columbia Pacific Airlines Flight 23

Columbia Pacific Airlines Flight 23Friday February 10, 1978
The aircraft crashed shortly after taking off from Richland after climbing to 400 feet and stalling. Crew error. The failure and inability of the flightcrew to prevent rapid pitchup and stall by exerting sufficient push force on the control wheel. The pitchup was caused by the combination of a mistrimmed horizontal stabilizer and a center of gravity near the aircraft's aft limit. The mistrimmed condition resulted from discrepancies in the aircraft's trim system and the flightcrew's preoccupation with making a timely departure. The out-of-trim warning system was inoperative.

Crash Details

DateFriday February 10, 1978
LocationRichland, Washington
Aircraft TypeBeechcraft 99
OperatorColumbia Pacific Airlines
Flight OriginRichland, WA
Flight Destination Seattle, WA
Richland, Washington
Columbia Pacific Airlines
Beechcraft 99