E.A.S. Aeroservizi

E.A.S. Aeroservizi Thursday February 8, 2001
The plane experienced asymetrical thrust during takeoff. Rose 200-300 ft., stalled and crashed into trees. An in-flight failure of the left power plant appromately 3 minutes after take-off and inadequate conduct of the crew so that in short final the airplane stalled and crashed from low height. The failure of the left engine was caused by intergranular fractures of retention posts on the high pressure turbine disk. As a result of incorrect service life recordings the maximum number of cycles had considerably been exceeded.

Crash Details

DateThursday February 8, 2001
LocationNurnberg, Germany
Aircraft TypeLearjet 35A
OperatorE.A.S. Aeroservizi
Flight OriginNurnberg
Flight Destination Rome, Italy
Nurnberg, Germany
E.A.S. Aeroservizi
Learjet 35A