GP Express Airlines Flight 861

GP Express Airlines Flight 861Monday June 8, 1992
The aircraft crashed during an attempted landing at Anniston Municipal Airport after intercepting the back course localizer signal for an ILS approach. Failure of the flight crew to use approved instrument flight procedures which resulted in a loss of situational awareness and terrain clearance. Failure of management of GP Express to provide adequate training and operational support for the startup of the southern operation. Failure to provide approach charts for each pilot and to establish stabilized approach criteria. Inadequate crew coordination and a role reversal on the part of the captain and first officer.

Crash Details

DateMonday June 8, 1992
LocationAnniston, Alabama
Aircraft TypeBeechcraft C99
OperatorGP Express Airlines
Flight OriginAtlanta
Flight Destination Anniston, AR
Anniston, Alabama
GP Express Airlines
Beechcraft C99