Indian Airlines/Alliance Airlines Flight 7412

Indian Airlines/Alliance Airlines Flight 7412Monday July 17, 2000
While attempting to land at Patna, the aircraft was too high and the crew attempted a go-around. During the second landing attempt, the aircraft was again high, veered to left and lost altitude until it crashed into houses in the Gardanibagh district and burst into flames. The cause of the accident was loss of control of the aircraft due to crew error. The crew did not followed the correct approach procedure, which resulted in the aircraft being high on approach. The crew then initiated a "go-around procedure" instead of an "approach to stall recovery procedure" resulting in an actual stall of the aircraft, loss of control and subsequent impact with the ground.

Crash Details

DateMonday July 17, 2000
LocationPatna, India
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-2A8 Advanced
OperatorIndian Airlines/Alliance Airlines
Flight OriginCalcutta
Flight Destination Patna
Patna, India
Indian Airlines/Alliance Airlines
Boeing B-737-2A8 Advanced