Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704

Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704
Iran Aseman Airlines Flight 3704Sunday February 18, 2018
The ATR 72-212 took off from Tehran's Meharabad Airport around 8:00am local time en route to Yasuj in southern Iran. The last signal from the aircraft was at 9:25am local time when witnesses report hearing the crash in the area around Mt. Dena. Initial concerns have been raised about the plane's airworthiness given that it is 25 years old, and spare parts are scarce given current sanctions against the country.

Crash Details

DateSunday February 18, 2018
LocationMount Dena, near Semirom, Iran
Aircraft TypeATR 72-212
OperatorIran Aseman Airlines
Flight OriginTehran
Flight DestinationYasuj

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Mount Dena, near Semirom, Iran
Iran Aseman Airlines
ATR 72-212