Itek Air Flight IRC6895

Itek Air Flight IRC6895Sunday August 24, 2008
The plane crashed shortly after taking off from Manas International Airport. After 10 minutes, the crew reported a severe loss of cabin pressure and said they were returning when it crashed 6 miles from the airport. The Iran Aseman Airlines flight was being carried out by Itek Air. The forward left cabin door was not closed completely, and that the person who closed it was an engineer who was not listed among those (in the Cabin Attendant Manual) who were supposed to close the door. A report concludes that the aircraft originally lost cabin pressure due to this.

Crash Details

DateSunday August 24, 2008
LocationBishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-219
OperatorItek Air
Flight OriginBishkek
Flight Destination Tehran, Iran
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
Itek Air
Boeing B-737-219