Kenya Airways Flight 507

Kenya Airways Flight 507Saturday May 5, 2007
The plane crashed in a dense, swampy forested area, 5 km from Douala Airport, moments after taking off in stormy weather. The plane was just six months old. After take off, the plane was banking right and the pilot did not notice the inclination, but when he did, he banked the craft further right. The pilot released the flight controls for nearly one minute without engaging the auto pilot, which could have corrected the banking angle, then at 34 degrees. However, his intervention worsened the tilt. The captain grabed the controls, appeared confused about the attitude of the airplane and made corrections in an erratic manner increasing the banking angle to 50 degrees. When the bank angle increased to 70 degrees, the captain stated "we are crashing." The first officer told him to level the aircraft, but quickly corrected himself and said "left, left, left captain. The aircraft then plunged nose down into a mangrove swamp.

Crash Details

DateSaturday May 5, 2007
LocationNear Dizangue, Cameroon
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-8AL
OperatorKenya Airways
Flight OriginAbidjan, Ivory Coast
Flight Destination Douala, Cameroon
Near Dizangue, Cameroon
Kenya Airways
Boeing B-737-8AL