Military - Indian Air Force Flight 202

Military - Indian Air Force Flight 202Wednesday February 7, 1968
Vanished without a trace over the Himalayas while en route. The remains of one victim from the plane were found in the Rohtang Pass in August 2003. The wreckage itself and other remains would be found in August 2005. Cause unknown, but believed to be premature descent due to bad weather, resulting in a collision with a mountain. On July 15, 2012 the debris was found over Dakka Glacier by mountaineers.

Crash Details

DateWednesday February 7, 1968
LocationRohtang Pass, Northern India
Aircraft TypeAntonov AN-12BP
OperatorMilitary - Indian Air Force
Flight OriginLeh, Kashmir
Flight Destination Chandigarh, Punjab
Rohtang Pass, Northern India
Military - Indian Air Force
Antonov AN-12BP