Military - U.S. Air Force Flight 21

Military - U.S. Air Force Flight 21Wednesday April 3, 1996
The aircraft strayed off course and hit St. John Hill at an altitude of 2,200 feet, 16km SE of Dubrovnik while attempting to land in poor weather conditions. U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, 55, killed. Crew error. Failure of the crew to comply with directives that required a review of all instrument approach procedures, not approved by the Defense Dept. Preflight planning errors, combined with errors made during the flight by the crew. Rumors persist that the accident was a result of sabotage.

Crash Details

DateWednesday April 3, 1996
LocationNear Dubrovnik, Croatia
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-T43
OperatorMilitary - U.S. Air Force
Flight OriginTizla
Flight Destination Dubrovnik
Near Dubrovnik, Croatia
Military - U.S. Air Force
Boeing B-737-T43