North Bay Charter

North Bay Charter Saturday January 27, 2001
The plane was on a charter flight from Jefferson County Airport to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Radio and radar contact was lost 20 - 30 minutes after the plane took off as it reached 23,000 feet. The aircraft crashed at a high rate of speed into the ground on a farm 40 miles east of Denver. There was light snow and 1.5 miles visibility at the time of the accident. Two members and six staffers of the Oklahoma State University basketball team were among those killed. The probable cause of this accident was the pilot’s spatial disorientation resulting from his failure to maintain positive manual control of the airplane with the available flight instrumentation. Contributing to the cause of the accident was the loss of a.c. electrical power during instrument meteorological conditions.

Crash Details

DateSaturday January 27, 2001
LocationByers, Colorado
Aircraft TypeBeech King Air 200 Catpass
OperatorNorth Bay Charter
Flight OriginBroomfield, CO
Flight Destination Stillwater, OK
Byers, Colorado
North Bay Charter
Beech King Air 200 Catpass