Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 1-11

Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 1-11Thursday July 14, 1960
After a loss of power in the No. 2 engine the crew was unable to feather the prop. An emergency descent was made and the plane ditched into the ocean. Upon contact with the water, the aft end of the fuselage broke free at the rear of the pressure bulkhead, the right wing tore free and the engines separated. The wing floated for 3hrs, serving as a life raft for passengers. The remainder of the fuselage, sank some 10 minutes after impact. Passengers were rescued 6 hours after the accident. Failure of No. 2 engine, resulting in oil contamination, loss of oil supply, subsequent loss of the No. 2 propeller assembly and fire-in-flight, which necessitated a ditching.

Crash Details

DateThursday July 14, 1960
LocationOff Manila, Philippines
Aircraft TypeDouglas DC-7C
OperatorNorthwest Orient Airlines
Flight OriginOkinawa
Flight Destination Manila
Off Manila, Philippines
Northwest Orient Airlines
Douglas DC-7C