Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 705

Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 705Tuesday February 12, 1963
The aircraft crashed 37 miles west-southwest of Miami after penetrating a thunderstorm and encountering severe turbulence. The aircraft initially entered an area of updrafts followed by downdrafts which put the aircraft into a high speed dive. While trying to pull out of the dive, the aircraft broke apart from excessive g forces. The crew is believed to have concentrated on maintaining a given airspeed in an extreme turbulence condition instead of flying attitude. In doing so, excessive stress was applied to the wings which separated from the fuselage. The weather was considerably worse than forecast.

Crash Details

DateTuesday February 12, 1963
LocationNear Miami, Florida
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-720-051B
OperatorNorthwest Orient Airlines
Flight OriginMiami
Flight Destination Chicago
Near Miami, Florida
Northwest Orient Airlines
Boeing B-720-051B