REAL / Military - U.S. Navy

REAL / Military - U.S. Navy Friday February 26, 1960
Midair collision between a DC-3 and a US Navy R-6D. Improper piloting procedures when flying on authorized instrument flight (US Navy pilot). The pilot of the USN plane disobeyed instructions transmitted by Rio Approach Control. The U.S. Navy disagreed and placed no blame on neither pilot. Twenty six killed on the DC-3, 35 on the R-6D-1. Members of the United States Navy Band among those killed.

Crash Details

DateFriday February 26, 1960
LocationRio de Janeiro, Brazil
Aircraft TypeDouglas DC-3 / USN R-6D-1
OperatorREAL / Military - U.S. Navy
Flight OriginCampos
Flight Destination Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
REAL / Military - U.S. Navy
Douglas DC-3 / USN R-6D-1