Sinquanon Management - Air Taxi

Sinquanon Management - Air Taxi Thursday March 8, 1990
The pilot of the helicopter heard a loud noise followed by loss of engine power. He entered an autorotation, deployed emergency floats and successfully landed on the water. However, a wave turned the helicopter over. All successfully got out of the aircraft but one passenger died from drowning 8 hours later and the other 15 hours later. Fatigue failure of an engine turbine blade, which resulted in a loss of power. Rough ocean water in the emergency landing area was a related factor.

Crash Details

DateThursday March 8, 1990
LocationOff Miami, Florida
Aircraft TypeAerospatiale 350D
OperatorSinquanon Management - Air Taxi
Flight Origin
Flight Destination
Off Miami, Florida
Sinquanon Management - Air Taxi
Aerospatiale 350D