TAME Ecuador

TAME Ecuador Saturday September 6, 1969
Twelve men and a woman, some of them armed with machine guns, hijacked two TAME Ecuador C-47 planes. The hijackers shot and killed one crewman and wounded another. Both aircraft landed at Tumaco (TCO), Colombia for refueling. One airplane was left behind as the hijackers continued to Panama City-Tocument Airport (PTY). After a 31-minute refueling stop the C-47 continued to Kingston (KIN), Jamaica. The plane left Kingston at 21:00 after a 71-minute refueling stop. The flight finally landed at Cuba. The hijackers told passengers that the hijacking was in retaliation for the deaths of several students in May 1969 during anti-government riots at the University of Guyaquil in Ecuador.

Crash Details

DateSaturday September 6, 1969
LocationQuito, Ecuador
Aircraft TypeDouglas DC-3
OperatorTAME Ecuador
Flight Origin
Flight Destination
Quito, Ecuador
TAME Ecuador
Douglas DC-3