TAP (Air Portugal) Flight 425

TAP (Air Portugal) Flight 425Saturday November 19, 1977
The aircraft landed 1,000 ft. past the aiming point of the runway in heavy rain, overran the runway and plunged off a cliff during a third landing attempt. Hydroplaning, due to poor drainage on the runway. Excessive speed during landing. In the last attempt, the plane was 44 ft high in the begining of the runway flying at 150 kt. Then a sudden tail wind increases the speed to 155 kt. Cross winds from several directions made the plane unstable. Tail winds alternated with frontal winds making the speed unstable. The plane only hit the runway after 800m. The same cross winds make it impossible to align to the center of the runway. Then aquaplaning did the rest.

Crash Details

DateSaturday November 19, 1977
LocationNear Funchal, Island of Madeira, Portugal
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-727-282
OperatorTAP (Air Portugal)
Flight OriginBrussels
Flight Destination Funchal
Near Funchal, Island of Madeira, Portugal
TAP (Air Portugal)
Boeing B-727-282