Thai Airways Flight 114

Thai Airways Flight 114Saturday March 3, 2001
The aircraft exploded and caught fire 35 minutes before its scheduled takeoff. Five members of the cabin crew were the only people aboard the plane at the time. Witnesses said they heard an explosion before flames erupted aboard the aircraft. NTSB investigators reported that the center fuel tank exploded followed by the right tank 18 minutes later. The cause for the explosion was unclear. The center fuel tank is located near air conditioning packs which generate heat, and were running nonstop prior to the explosion.

Crash Details

DateSaturday March 3, 2001
LocationBangkok, Thailand
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-737-4D7
OperatorThai Airways
Flight OriginBangkok
Flight Destination Chiang Mai.
Bangkok, Thailand
Thai Airways
Boeing B-737-4D7