Trans Canada Air Lines

Trans Canada Air Lines Wednesday October 10, 1962
Collided with a RCAF CF-101B Voodoo fighter plane on the runway. The controller having assumed in error that the Viscount was turning off at the high speed taxi strip, cleared the Voodoo aircraft for takeoff before the Viscount was clear of the active runway. The Voodoo collided with the tail of the Viscount, killing a stewardess and one passenger. The Voodoo caught fire but continued to fly. It climbed to 1,200 feet where both crew members ejected safely.

Crash Details

DateWednesday October 10, 1962
LocationBagotville, Quebec, Canada
Aircraft TypeVickers 757 Viscount
OperatorTrans Canada Air Lines
Flight Origin Sept
Flight DestinationÎles
Bagotville, Quebec, Canada
Trans Canada Air Lines
Vickers 757 Viscount