Trans World Airlines Flight 595

Trans World Airlines Flight 595Tuesday November 24, 1959
Shortly after taking off the plane experienced a fire warning in the No. 2 engine, shut it down and attempted to return to Midway Airport. During the final approach the aircraft banked in excess of 45 degrees and developed an excessive sink rate. When the aircraft reached the tops of trees its wings were nearly level and its nose was raised in a climbing attitude but the descent continued and the plane crashed one quarter of a mile southeast of the airport. The accident was the consequence of manuvering the aircraft during the turn to final approach in such a manner as to cause a rate of sink from which recovery was not possible. Sometime during the turn the flaps were retracted from 60% to 24% causing a loss of lift.

Crash Details

DateTuesday November 24, 1959
LocationChicago, Illinois
Aircraft TypeLockheed L-1049H Super Constellation
OperatorTrans World Airlines
Flight OriginChicago
Flight Destination Los Angeles
Chicago, Illinois
Trans World Airlines
Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation