Trans World Airlines Flight 800

Trans World Airlines Flight 800Monday November 23, 1964
The captain decided to abort the takeoff after the No. 4 engine pressure ratio read zero thrust and the amber warning light indicating thrust reversal of No. 2 engine came on. The speed was below V1. The aircraft continued to travel past the runway limit and the No. 4 engine struck a steam roller. The aircraft burst into flames. Malfunction of the No. 2 engine reverse thruster. The malfunction allowed in the development of forward thrust by No. 2 engine even though all four levers were in the reverse position.

Crash Details

DateMonday November 23, 1964
LocationRome, Italy
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-707-331
OperatorTrans World Airlines
Flight OriginRome
Flight Destination Athens
Rome, Italy
Trans World Airlines
Boeing B-707-331