Trans World Airlines / Private Flight 553

Trans World Airlines / Private Flight 553Thursday March 9, 1967
Midair collision. Twenty five killed on the DC-9, one on the Beechcraft. Failure of the DC-9 crew to see and avoid the Beechcraft. The DC-9 was traveling at almost 300 mph at low altitude in airspace occupied by numerous small planes. The contributing factor to the accident was the excessive speed of the DC-9. ATC systems inadequate to separate controlled and uncontrolled traffic. After this accident, the FAA imposed a maximum speed of 250 knots below 10,000 ft. mean sea level.

Crash Details

DateThursday March 9, 1967
LocationUrbana, Ohio
Aircraft TypeMD Douglas DC-9-15 / Beechcraft Baron-55
OperatorTrans World Airlines / Private
Flight OriginPittsburgh
Flight Destination Dayton
Urbana, Ohio
Trans World Airlines / Private
MD Douglas DC-9-15 / Beechcraft Baron-55