Transair Sweden

Transair Sweden Sunday September 17, 1961
The aircraft crashed into the jungle approximately 9 miles from the destination airport. UN Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjöld, 56, killed. The aircraft was allowed to descend too low, resulting in striking trees and crashing. Although the United Nations released a statement that no evidence of sabotage was found, rumors persist about this accident alleging that the victims were shot prior to the crash or that a bomb onboard exploded. A recent report in 2011 sites pilot fatigue as the cause of the accident.

Crash Details

DateSunday September 17, 1961
LocationNdola, Zambia
Aircraft TypeDouglas DC-6B
OperatorTransair Sweden
Flight OriginLeopoldville
Flight Destination Ndola
Ndola, Zambia
Transair Sweden
Douglas DC-6B