United Air Lines Flight 227

United Air Lines Flight 227Thursday November 11, 1965
The aircraft crashed short of the runway and collided with runway lights, 335 feet short of the runway, causing the main landing gear to fail followed by a fire. Too high of a descent rate during approach. Failure of the captain to take timely action to arrest an excessive descent rate during the landing approach. Excessive sink rate is thought to have caused four 727 accidents in succession. Lake Michigan 8/16/65, Cincinnati 11/8/65, Salt Lake City 11/11/65 and Tokyo Bay 2/4/66. Only the Salt Lake and Cincinnati crashes were officially attributed to it. After 727 training manuals were modified and pilots were reoriented to the flying characteristics of the aircraft the problem was corrected. Bill Linderman, 45, champion rodeo cowboy killled.

Crash Details

DateThursday November 11, 1965
LocationSalt Lake City, Utah
Aircraft TypeBoeing B-727-22
OperatorUnited Air Lines
Flight OriginDenver
Flight Destination Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City, Utah
United Air Lines
Boeing B-727-22