United Air Lines Flight 232

United Air Lines Flight 232Wednesday July 19, 1989
Catastrophic failure of the No. 2 (rear) engine while en route from Denver to Chicago, with total loss of all three hydraulics systems due to damage. The aircraft maneuvering with only the thrust of the engines, crashed while attempting to land at Sioux City. Failure to detect a fatigue crack in the No. 2 engine resulting in the disintegration of the fan disk and loss of all three hydraulic systems. The failure was traced back to a manufacturing defect in the fan disk, which had microscopic cracks due to impurities. Subject of the 1992 TV-movie "Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232."

Crash Details

DateWednesday July 19, 1989
LocationSioux City, Iowa
Aircraft TypeMcDonnell Douglas DC-10-10
OperatorUnited Air Lines
Flight OriginDenver, CO
Flight Destination Chicago, IL


Sioux City, Iowa
United Air Lines
McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10