Vladivostokavia Flight 352

Vladivostokavia Flight 352Wednesday July 4, 2001
The plane crashed and exploded in flames in Siberian woodlands near the village of Burdakovka, about 21 miles from Irkutsk. The aircraft crashed during the third turn in a landing approach to Irkutsk, an intermediate stop for refueling. The first officer was flying the plane, when at 2,600 ft., an audible alarm sounded indicating a wide angle of attack. Eleven seconds later the aircraft swung around 180 degrees and entered a flat spin. The captain ordered the engines at full throttle but it was too late and 22 seconds later the plane hit the ground, belly first, broke up and burned.Incorrect actions of the crew. Due to poor communication between pilots, they put in the wrong parameters while landing causing the plane to descend at the wrong angle. As a result, the plane stalled and entered a spin and crashed.

Crash Details

DateWednesday July 4, 2001
LocationNear Irkutsk, Russia
Aircraft TypeTupolev TU-154M
Flight OriginYekaterinburg
Flight Destination Irkutsk
Near Irkutsk, Russia
Tupolev TU-154M