Zantop International Airlines

Zantop International Airlines Wednesday May 30, 1984
The cargo aircraft's entry into an unusual attitude and the inability of the flight crew to analyze the flight condition before there was a complete loss of control. Although the precise reason for the loss of control was not identified, an undetermined failure of a component in the No.2 vertical gyro system, perhaps involving the amplifier and associated circuitry, probably contributed to the cause of the accident by incorrectly processing data to the co-pilot's approach horizon. The inflight structural failure of the aircraft was due to overload.

Crash Details

DateWednesday May 30, 1984
LocationChalkhill, Pennsylvania
Aircraft TypeLockheed L-188AF Electra
OperatorZantop International Airlines
Flight OriginBaltimore
Flight Destination Detroit
Chalkhill, Pennsylvania
Zantop International Airlines
Lockheed L-188AF Electra